What is Amazon Easy Ship Prime (Seller Fulfilled Prime)?

Advantages of Amazon Easy Ship Prime

– Increases the visibility and discoverability of your product/listing – The trust of the customer also increases due to the stitching of Prime on your product. – You can participate in deals and promotions run by Amazon.

>>> Score:2/5

Amazon FBA VS Amazon Easy Ship Prime

– In Amazon FBA, you have to send your product to Amazon’s warehouse, whereas in Amazon Easy Ship Prime you can sell online by keeping inventory in your own warehouse.

>>> Score:3/5

How to Apply for Easy Ship Prime ?

–But you have to take special care of one thing to enroll in Amazon Easy Ship, first you have to enroll in Amazon Guaranteed Delivery Program with the same link which you use for Amazon Easy Ship Prime, without that you will not be able to become Easy Ship Prime Seller.

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