Amazon Easy Ship Best Practices for New Seller

What is Amazon Easy Ship

Amazon easy ship is amazon fulfillment program for seller who don’t want to send their product to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Amazon Easy Ship is a delivery service for sellers. When you choose Amazon Easy Ship, your orders are picked up from your location by an Amazon Logistics delivery associate and delivered to the buyers’ doorstep with minimal effort from you.

In Amazon Easy Ship seller store their product in their own warehouse and has full control over their inventory.

But you have to be careful when you start your amazon selling business with amazon easy ship.

You have to manage your inventory, order processing, order packing ans order return.

For that you have to follow Amazon Best Practice given below to prevent any account suspension or penalty and grow your account.

Manage Speed and Handling Time

Handling time is the number of days taken by a seller to procure, pack and ship a product after the order is received.

Ship by Date‘ for an order is defined based on handling time.

Order Date + Handling Time + Transit Time = Promised Delivery

How to Edit Handling Time

Go to Seller Central > Settings > Shipping Settings > Select Settings tab > Scroll down to Handling Time > Click on Edit > Select 0 Day, 1 Day or 2 Days > Click on Save.

To Change Handling Time at ASIN level

  • Go to the Manage Inventory page. Click Edit for any ASIN for which you want to change the handling time. A product information page will open where you have the option to set handling time for that ASIN.

Fast Delivery with 7-Day ship-out

  • You can improve the delivery speed of your products to customers by up to 1 day through enabling 7-day ship-outs on Easy Ship and Self Ship.
  • Customers like products with fast delivery speed and hence by shipping out on all 7 days, you can offer a better customer experience.
  • Sellers who ship-out on all 7 days may have higher chances of conversion due to faster delivery speed
  • Go to Seller Central > Settings > Shipping Settings > Select Settings tab> Scroll down to Operating days > Click on Edit > Click on Save.

Measure Accurate Weights & Dimensions

amazon seller Weights & Dimensions
  • Package weight and dimension will be pre-populated for some of the products
  • If it is not prepopulated, please enter the accurate weight and dimensions. In case of discrepancy, difference in amount may be charged back
  • Measure your packages in order to get accurate weight and dimension and enter the same within the recommended range.
  • In case of discrepancy, please provide correct weights & dimensions within 15 days of scheduling the order by submitting valid image proofs

Best Practices to Manage Performance Metrics

To sell on amazon, you must have maintain performance target and policies to maintain you Account Health.

You have to maintain three metric to perform well on amazon and grow on Amazon.

  • Late Dispatch Rate – Dispatch your order according to “Ship by Date” mention on every order to avoid any late dispatch rate.
  • Pre-fulfilment Cancel Rate – Don’t cancel any order by yourself at any situation, it’s calculate as pre-fulfilment cancel order.
  • Order Defect Rate – Don’t send any defective or wrong product to customer, check two time before you ship your order to the customer.
amazon seller Manage your Account Health
  • Maintain adequate inventory to handle the potential demand.
  • Using filters on “Manage Orders” page to prioritize processing of orders.
  • Enter accurate and correct prices on your offers.
  • You may also have necessary power backup & secondary internet for seamless pickup of shipment.
  • Use account vacation settings & Prime control volume settings as per the requirement

Seller Assurance for E-commerce Transactions (SAFE-T)

If you have any issues with returns you can make use of SAFE-T without having to contact seller support.

If you receive customer returns that are either damaged or used item, lost item, different item against their original products or non-returnable item that is returned by a customer, file claims for reimbursements.

All SAFE-T claims should be filed within 15 calendar days from the date the shipment was marked as “returned/delivered to seller” or from the date of refund intimation in Seller Central, whichever is later.

All appeals on resolved SAFE-T claims should be made within 5 working days from the last resolution date. Any appeal filed after five working days will not be actioned upon.

Voice of Customer(VOC) Dashboard

The Voice of Customer page is hub where you can see feedback form customers to optimize you product listing.

Go to Manu > Performance > Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer(VOC) Dashboard

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