Explaining Amazon Easy Ship Prime: A Guide for Becoming an Amazon Prime Seller

Amazon Easy Ship Prime is a special Invite Base program designed for Amazon sellers, in which sellers can enroll themselves and convert their listings to prime listings without using Amazon FBA. You do not have to pay any extra fee to Amazon and you can take advantage of Amazon Prime by keeping your inventory in your warehouse.

Whenever we start selling on Amazon, then we do not know about many programs made by Amazon for the purpose of supporting new sellers, taking advantage of which we can grow our business very fast. That’s why in today’s blog we will talk about a program called Amazon Easy Ship Prime (Seller Fulfilled Prime).

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So that is why through Our EcomLerner YouTube channel we aim to create an eCommerce seller’s community by trying to help all of you new sellers giving you our expertise and experience in this field.

Amazon Easy Ship Prime or Seller Fulfilled Prime is a special program designed for an easy ship seller, in which you can make your listing a prime listing without sending your product/good to the amazon warehouses.

After getting selected in this program, you can sell your product with a Prime badge without sending it to the Amazon warehouse, but you do not have to pay any extra fees or commissions.

What are the advantages of making Amazon Easy Ship Prime?

  • Increases the visibility and discoverability of your product/listing
  • The trust of the customer also increases due to the stitching of Prime on your product.
  • You can participate in deals and promotions run by Amazon.

What are the requirements to make Seller Fulfilled Prime?

  1. You must be an Easy Ship Seller.
  2. You must be enrolled in the Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery Program.
  3. You should have the capability to dispatch Guaranteed Delivery Order on the same day.
  4. You have to send Standard Order to Next Day Dispatch.
  5. You will have to pay for free shipping on your product, which means you will not be able to take separate shipping charges from the customer.
  6. You have to maintain your performance in which you should have your Cancaletion Rate, Late Dispatch Rate, and Order Defect Rate at 0.5% for 30 days.

After fulfilling all these conditions, you can request Amazon for Easy Ship Prime, in which you will have to fill out a form, in which you have to fill in your Seller Merchant No., Register Email ID, and Register Phone Number. Then the Amazon team Will let you know by mail after 2 days whether you are eligible for Amazon Easy Ship Prime or not.

Amazon FBA VS Amazon Easy Ship Prime

  • In Amazon FBA, you have to send your product to Amazon’s warehouse, whereas in Amazon Easy Ship Prime you can sell online by keeping inventory in your own warehouse.
  • Amazon FBA Amazon itself manages the packaging and return of your product, where you will have to manage the packaging and return yourself in this Ship Prime.
  • Amazon FBA facility, you have to pay an extra fee to do it, whereas there is no extra fee in Amazon Easy Ship, the commission and fees you were paying in Easy Ship, you will have to pay the same fee here.

How to fill Amazon Easy Ship Enrollment Form?

But you have to take special care of one thing to enroll in Amazon Easy Ship, first you have to enroll in Amazon Guaranteed Delivery Program with the same link which you use for Amazon Easy Ship Prime, without that you will not be able to become Easy Ship Prime Seller.

  1. To fill out the form to become a prime seller, click on the link given below and open the form. Form Link – https://survey-az.tfaforms.net/1767
  2. After that you have to first enter your Amazon merchant token number in the form, if you do not know your Marchant token number, then you can generate your number by clicking click here at the bottom of the box.
  3. After that enter your registered email id, which is linked to your Amazon seller account.
  4. In the last, you have to select Easy Ship Prime in the select program and click on the submit button.

Note – If you want to enroll in Guaranteed Delivery Program, then select that option, the process is the same for both programs.

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