How to Sell Online without GST Number

Whether you’re a big business or a small one, now sell online without gst to millions in your state, without a Regular GSTIN.

GST Council meeting decided from 1 October you can sell online in India without GST Number, you have just enroll as supplier to eCommerce operator. You can register as seller on any marketplace like Meesho, Flipkart and Meesho without GST Number.

Now you have Opportunity for Sell without a GSTIN or having a Composition GSTIN and begin selling to lakhs of customers within their own state.

For sellers not registered under GST, it’s necessary to possess an enrollment ID or UIN for the registration process. If you haven’t obtained your Enrollment ID or UIN yet, you can apply for it here and proceed to register on Meesho.

How to Sell Online Without GST

Get Enrollment ID/UIN Number

STEP 1 : To sell online without gst you need to apply for Enrolment ID/UIN as Ecommerce Operators, For that registartion apply here if you don’t have GSTIN. Otherwise, use your Composition GSTIN.

After click on link you receive warning massage like bellow

“This functionality is only for applicants who are not registered or not liable to be registered under GST Act. This Temp ID/Enrolment ID is only for facilitating certain functionalities to unregistered persons at GST portal such as filing application for refund or advance ruling or to supply through E-Commerce Operators.”

Do you wish to Continue? – please select YES

STEP 2 : Next step, you have to select option of ” Apply as a Supplier to e-Commerce Operators” and click proceed button.

STEP 3 : Now new page open for “User Credential”, In this page you have to fill detail like PAN Card Name, PAN Card Number, Email ID, Mobile Number, Select Your State – where you want to start your online business.

STEP 4 : In this step you have to fill your business address for GST Enrollment ID/UIN Number. After that you have select your nature of business like Goods or Service. To sell product online you need to select Product and last enter captcha code and proceed

STEP 5 : In this step you have to verify your register Mobile Numbers and Email ID with OTP.

how to sell online without gst

STEP 6 : After proceed you receive massage like bellow screenshot with your Temporary Reference Number(TRN).

how to sell online without gst

With this Temp ID/Enrolment ID you can register on marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho to start your online selling business.

STEP 7 : Final step you must have do Adhara Authentication to verify you Aadhar with OTP, and Now your Enrollment ID/UIN process was completed.

GST Aadhar verification for gst registration

Register as Seller on Ecommerce Platform

As we written this blog, we have update about Meesho Start Seller Registration with new updated gst rule to start selling without gst. Other marketplace like Flipkart and Amazon was not updated with selling on their platform without gst. When we have received update as soon as we update with this article.

How to Sell on Meesho Without GST

Meesho Seller Registration

To become Meesho seller you have to Register as a Meesho Seller. All you need is

  • Active Bank Account
  • Enrolment ID / UIN (for sellers without GSTIN) or GSTIN (for GSTIN sellers)
  • Bank Account
  • Mobile Number and Email ID

Product Listing & Cataloging

After completing the registration, upload your product catalog on the Meesho Supplier Panel to list your product to sell online.

Receive & Ship Orders

After list your product, you have received Order, you need to pack and ship order. Meesho charges the lowest shipping cost for deliveries.

Receive Payments

Payment is securely deposited directly to your bank account on Meesho following a 7-day payment cycle from order delivery, including Cash on Delivery orders.

Why You have to Sell on Meesho

  • 0% Commission Fee – Suppliers selling on Meesho keep 100% of their profit by not paying any commission
  • 0 Penalty Charges – Sell online without the fear of order cancellation charges with 0 Penalty for late dispatch or order cancellations.
  • Growth for Every Supplier – From small to large and unbranded to branded, all suppliers have grown their businesses on Meesho
  • Ease of Doing Business – Easy Product Listing, Lowest Cost Shipping, 7-Day Payment Cycle from the delivery date

Commonly Asked Questions

I have a Composition GTIN. Can I Sell Online?

Yes, starting from Oct 1st 2023, even sellers with Composition GSTIN can register and sell online.

I don’t have a GSTIN but I want to sell on Meesho. How do I register?

Sellers without a GSTIN can register by obtaining an Enrolment ID / UIN from the GST website. Once you have your Enrolment ID / UIN, you can sign up for free on Meesho. All you need is a bank account and an Enrolment ID or UIN.

How do I get my Enrolment ID or UIN?

You can get your Enrolment ID or UIN by registering as an e-ecommerce seller on the GST website.

In which states can I sell without GSTIN or with Composition GSTIN?

GSTN requires Enrolment ID / UIN and Composition GSTIN sellers to sell only within their registered states. The state you register during Enrolment ID or Composition GSTIN registration will be considered your registered state.

What are the turnover restrictions for Enrolment ID / UIN and Composition GSTIN sellers?

1. For Sellers with Enrolment ID / UIN : If your total annual net sales exceed INR 40 lakhs, further sales online will be restricted unless you obtain a GSTIN. For northeastern states, this limit is INR 20 lakhs.

2.For Composition GSTIN Sellers : If your total annual net sales exceed INR 1.5 crores, further sales online will be restricted unless you obtain a regular GSTIN. For northeastern states, this limit is INR 75 lakhs.

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