How to Sell On Amazon India | 4 Step Complete Guide 2023

In early June 2013, launched its Amazon India marketplace after seeing 2007 started Flipkart growth in India. everyone knows India has a big market in the world and we have the second largest population after China and India have the largest youth population in the world; around 66 percent of the total population (more than 808 million) is below the age of 35.

There were two main factors responsible for this Digital Revolution Reliance Jio and UPI(Unified Payments Interface), Jio made internet uses cost very cheap in India and UPI made online payment easy for everyone.

The Indian E-commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest e-commerce market in the world by 2034.

This is the right time to start our business on Amazon and this is the right place to guide you on how to start, what you need, how to register, and why you have to sell on amazon.

Let’s get started !!

You Want To Become an Amazon seller, But WHY ?

1. Largest and Loyal Customer Base

In India, Amazon has more than 100 million registered users. Amazon Prime has around 22.3 million subscribers and this Prime customer gets free and fast delivery on every single order and early access to Deals & Offers like the Great India Festival of Diwali, this loyal customer mostly buys on amazon. So, they are a gold mine for amazon as well as Amazon Seller.

2. Fast Delivery

Amazon Transportation Service(ATS) has a dedicated logistic company owned by Amazon and they cover almost 98% of Pin code. To sell in India you have to use the amazon Easy Ship Service or Amazon FBA Wearhouse with use Amazon ATS to deliver your product to the end customer as well as return the order.

3. Weekly/Daily Payment

Amazon gives their seller weekly or daily bases payments that sellers sell from their account and this payment is given 7 to 10 days after dispatching the order based on the seller’s tier. For example, if the seller has a Basic level then they get paid in 10 Days.

4. Get More Customers

Reach crores of customers on, India’s most visited ecommerce website. The one thing amazon has differentiated from other ecommerce marketplace was its loyal customer base with who use amazon prime service like Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Kindel and Free & Fast Dilevery like one-day two-day delivery on every order.

5. Low Starting Cost

With amazon, you can start a business from the comfort of your home and every thing was taken care by amazon, like once you create a seller account on amazon you have to access Amazon Seller Center which is one place that you can manage everything like order, return, payment at one place.

6. Unbeatable Reach

In India amazon pick, deliver and return your every order with their own logistic company ATS (Amazon Transportation Service), and ATS Deliver to 100% of India’s serviceable pin codes, through Easy Ship & Fulfillment by Amazon.

So, you can focus on your business, and everything is taken care by the amazon team.

4 Things You Need To Become Amazon Seller

  1. GST Number
  2. Active Bank Account
  3. Email ID
  4. Mobile Number

4 Steps to Sell On Amazon India

its simple four steps process the you follow and withing few minute your amazon seller account was live and you can list you product and start you journey as amaozn seller.

1. Amazon Seller Registration-

To start selling on Amazon, you only need your GST/PAN information and an active bank account.

  • GST Number – If you want to sell on any marketplace like PayTM, Meesho or Flipkart, you need GST certificate to sell online. Amazon can help you can to get your GST Number with amazon third-party service provider as per your choice. Time to time Amazon runs offer for new seller to get a free GST Number with an extra discount on commission/fees.
  • Active Bank Account – You can start your business on amazon with saving account if you register your business as a single-person Proprietorship firm. But you have to open current account in the future if your turnover exceeds 10 Lakh limit, that’s why is it preferable to have a current account. Your name on bank account should be exactly the same as GST Certificate and your business address also be the same. You can change bank detail on amazon if you want but not very often.

2. List your products

To add a product on amazon you have to list through amazon seller center by providing your product information, brand name and other specifications.

Amazon Seller Center Log In
  • Click on three lines at left-hand side corner and select first option Catalogue > Add product.
  • In this step you have two option, if you sell product that already sold on amazon and your product are not sold not amazon.
  • If your product is new on amazon, then select “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon” and if you have to list multiple products using excel sheet, you can do it by selecting “I’m uploading a file to add multiple products” and download template
Select Category
  • Then Select a product category that matches your product like to list saree, your category should be Clothing & Accessories>Women>Ethnic Wear>Sarees. You can search your category by entering your category name like saree, dress, toys etc, and select the best category for your product.
  • Last step you have to fill all the required detail of your product, this detail depending on the product category.

3. Delivering your product

When you sell on Amazon, you can choose how to store, pack, deliver and manage returns. You have three option to deliver your product to the customer.

Amazon Easy Ship

Easy Ship is a Amazon own delivery service who responsible to pickup, deliver and return your order.

When you choose easy ship to deliver to the customer, Amazon Transportation Service (ATS) will handle your parcle and they take responsibility to deliver and return back to you safely and if anything happen in transit, they will responsible and give your claim amount against you product damage or lost.

In the amazon easy ship your duty is to daily schedule our new order on time and before your cutoff time like 12PM or 1:45 PM pack your order and when amazon pickup person come to your pickup address make sure your all order pack correctly so pickup person time doesn’t waste.

On a side Note – Manintaine good relationship with your pickup person and give it respect because they are indirectly part of your business and save their contact detail for communication.

  • Received Order: When you received order it has four stage Process- Pending, Unshipped, cancelled, and Send. New order first comes in pending tab then it’s going to unshipped, where you have to schedule for pickup and after successfully scheduling it’s shows under send tab with status of waiting for pickup, after the scan & pickup order it’s shown under send tab. Sometime order was cancelled before pickup, this cancel order shown under cancelled tab.
  • Schedule Order: On amazon you can bulk schedule your order or select one by one order to schedule. To schedule your order you have to enter product packaging dimension and package weight and you select you time slot for pickup.
  • Pack Order: For pack your order you have to use amazon branded tape, box and polybag for packaging. When you schedule you order, amazon give you label and invoice for you order, which label was past on and invoice put in the box & bag.
  • Ship Order: Once order was scheduled, amazon courier person comes to you pickup address at your time slot you select while scheduling order, and your job is done, rest will be taken care of by amazon.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world and they have largest warehouse all over the world. In India they have 91 FBA warehouses in these mentioned states: Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West-Bengal.

  • Choose Amazon fulfillment centers : If you want to sell your product on a specific state or city which you have to select base on your customer data which amazon provide in the various report and choose FBA warehouse according to your need. If you want send your product outside your state then you have to need GST Number for those state also.
  • YOU SELL, WE SHIP : When you successfully register in FBA, then you have send your product to Amazon’s fulfillment centers to store, and amazon take care of the rest – picking, packing, shipping and managing returns
  • GET THE PRIME TAG : When your product store in the Amazon’s fulfillment centers your product gets Prime Tag instantly, ‘Prime Tag’ increases visibility and discoverability of your products and ensures your customers of faster delivery
  • WIN THE BUY BOX : If you sell product that has multiple seller, then with the FBA products carry Amazon’s promise of faster and efficient delivery, you have higher chances of winning the Buy Box an get more sell compere to non FBA seller.

Self Ship

If in your area/city easy ship service was not available or you don’t want to use Amzon Easy Ship Service, So you have third option to deliver your product to the customer is Self Ship.

When you select self ship, then you are responsible to ship and deliver to the customer using your courier partner, But you have to enter tracking ID and logistic company name of every order you ship through self-ship.

Side Note: When you use self-ship to deliver your order on amazon, then you only received Pre-paid orders. Your number of orders was also decreased compared to easy ship or FBA, because of pre-paid payment.

4. Return Order

When you start selling online at any marketplace you have to receive returns and order return is the part of the e-commerce business, you have to manage it. There are so many reasons beside the order return. Mainly Two type of returns you received

  1. Courier Return(RTO): If your order was successfully pickup and after pickup next day or before delivery customer cancelled order, this type of return known as Courier Return or RTO. Amazon was not charged any shipping fees or commission for RTO returns.
  2. Customer Return: If your order was successfully deliver to your customer and after delivery customer request for return then it’s knows as Customer Return. Amazon was charge shipping fees and take 20% of your Referral fees.

5. Get paid for your sales

Amazon give their seller Funds will be deposited in your bank account (after deducting Amazon fees) every 7 days.

When you sell on amazon you are eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is delivered. Amazon ensures payment for your sales (minus the Amazon Seller fees) is deposited securely into your bank account every 7 days, including your Pay on Delivery orders. Eligbile sellers will also receive options for faster payment cycles based on their STEP performance.

You can view your deposited balance along with tips to grow and expand your business in your Seller Central account.

Popular categories to sell online on Amazon

  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Kitchenware
  • Watches
  • Grocery
  • Headphones
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Medical Equipment
  • Home Product
  • Beauty Products
  • Face Masks & Gloves
  • Tea

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