Amazon Product Tax Code for India(GST CODE LIST)

What is Amazon Product Tax Code

Are you a new seller on Amazon? Then you might have come across the term “Product Tax Codes” (PTC) in Seller Central. Let me explain what they are in simple terms.

Product Tax Codes (PTC) are codes within Seller Central that are mapped to GST rates notified by the Government. They help determine the applicable tax rate for your products when you sell them on Amazon. Essentially, PTCs ensure that you charge the correct amount of Goods and Services Tax (GST) from your customers during their purchase.

Why Amazon Product Tax Code Required

Understanding and using Product Tax Code correctly is crucial for you as a seller. It ensures compliance with government tax regulations and helps maintain transparency and fairness in pricing for both you and your customers. It’s an essential step towards maintaining a smooth and successful business journey on the platform.

Remember to stay informed and updated on any changes or updates to GST rates and regulations. If you have specific questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a tax professional or reach out to Amazon’s support channels.

How to Find Product Tax code for Amazon.

Step By Step Guide to Find Product Tax Code(PTC)

STEP 1 – Log In to Amazon Seller Center

STEP 2 – Search “Product Tax Code (PTC)” on Amazon Seller Center Search Bar

STEP 3 – You can find result like”Product Tax Codes and GST percentage”

STEP 4 – By clicking in this result, you find list of amazon product tax code with GST tax code

Amazon Product Tax Code List

Product Tax Codes (PTC) are codes in Seller Central that are mapped to GST rates noitified by the Government. The table below provides the list of PTC and GST percentage:

Product Tax CodeTax Rate (IGST or CGST+SGST/UTGST combined)
A_GEN_PEAK_CESS1228% + 12%
A_GEN_PEAK_CESS6028% + 60%
List of Amazon Product Tax Code

How Amazon Calculate GST base on Product Tax Code

Amazon will calculate GST(Goods and Services Tax) base on Account Level and Product Level.

Account Level –

When you register as a seller on Amazon, you’ll need to select a Default GST Rate Code or Product Tax Code. This code is applied at the account level, which means it will automatically be used for all your product listings unless you make changes at the individual product level.

Amazon Seller Account Registration – Default Product Tax Code Setting

Product Level –

Now, let’s talk about the product level. If you have products with different GST rates, you’ll need to select the appropriate Product Tax Code for each specific product when you create or update your listings. This ensures that the correct GST rate is applied to each product.

Amazon Seller New Listing – Product Tax Code Setting

How to find product tax code for Amazon

You can find product tax code by simply search in amazon seller center or you can find in this article or you can download also for this blog post

Product tax code for Books

Book product category is GST Exempted and the gst rate of book was 0%, so you have to select “A_GEN_EXEMPT” amazon product tax code for selling book

Product tax code for Cloths

The GST rate of all product related to cloth like women kurti/kurta, shirt, t-shirt was fall under 12% gst slab, so you have to select “A_GEN_REDUCED” amazon product tax code

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