Flipkart New feature to auto-suggest shipment weights for Seller

To tackle the weight anomaly recovery charges that were levied due to incorrect weight details captured while processing orders, a new feature is being implemented during order processing stage (Label generation) in the seller dashboard.

Flipkart always innovate to come up with new measures to enhance your business operations on the platform. In this regard, flipkart aim to reduce your weight recovery charges through a new update that will help eliminate weight anomalies.

New feature to auto-suggest shipment will be implemented by 10th January 2023.

With this new feature, your shipment’s accurate weight will be automatically measured at our warehouse based on weight details for the same products. The shipping fee will be charged according to the weight captured by the system for the shipments that go through this process.

Also, to help you input the correct weight, you will see the below changes on the order dashboard.

  1. While updating your listing information under my listings tab, the system will suggest the correct weight details. You will have to update the right weights to make any changes to your listing attributes.
  2. The system will also show an error message if the weight details entered by you are incorrect during label generation for your orders. You can proceed further only after you correct the values.
  3. If the weight details are marginally incorrect, the system will show a warning message for you to correct the same or ignore the error and process further.

a. Please refer to the below snapshot for the error that will appear in the My listing dashboard while updating the stock attributes.

b. Please refer to the below snapshot for the error that will appear in the Orders dashboard while generating the labels.

1. What will I have to do, If I get the error while generating the Label for my order?

If you get an error while generating the label then below steps need to be followed.

Click on the  LBHW values reflecting on the screen as entered by you.
Refer to the system suggested values under ‘Suggested values section.
Enter the new System suggested LBHW values over the past values.
Click on Upload.

Once you upload new values you will not see the error message and you will be able to generate the label successfully.

2. Will I be able to process the order, if I Ignore the error message (Red color) without entering the suggested details?

No. Orders can ONLY be processed after correcting the values.

3. Do I have any option to identify the orders that might come under weight anomaly?

If the weight details are slightly incorrect, the system will show a warning message for you to correct the same.

You can review the suggested weights and if you feel the suggestions are right you can make edits as per the suggestions and click on the update button to process the orders. Once you upload new values you will not be able to see the warning message on the screen for future orders.

f you want to ignore the weight suggestions or to get the ‘IGNORE WARNING’ button as shown in the above screenshot, you can update the LBHW values which are right as per you and click on the update button to process the orders.

4. I am trying to update the other stock attribute for my listings and I am getting the error message for Packaging dimensions. What is it about?

Based on the past actual shipment’s weight details, the packaging dimensions updated by you are incorrect. Hence in order to have no impact while processing the orders you can update the correct packaging dimension as per the suggestions provided.

Once the correct values are updated you will not get any errors on packaging dimensions.

The above benefits will eliminate the need to provide weight recovery in the future. We always suggest you to accept the system suggested values to process an order successfully.

However, in rare cases where you find the weights captured incorrectly, kindly contact seller support for further assistance with the images correct weight details as shown here.

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