Grow Your Brand on Amazon with the Product Sampling Program

Amazon’s Product Sampling program is a marketing promotion that allows brands and manufacturers to send free samples of their products to Amazon customers. The program is designed to help brands reach a larger audience, generate product reviews and ratings, and increase sales on the Amazon marketplace.

To participate in the program, brands and manufacturers must be registered sellers on Amazon and have an active product listing on the site. They can then apply to the Product Sampling program through the Amazon Advertising dashboard.

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If their application is accepted, they can send free samples of their products to Amazon customers who meet certain eligibility criteria, such as those who have a history of purchasing similar products on the site. Customers who receive the samples can leave reviews and ratings for the products, which can help increase the visibility and credibility of the products on Amazon.

The Product Sampling program is a paid service, and brands and manufacturers must pay a fee to participate. The fee is based on the number of samples that are sent out and the targeted customer audience. Brands and manufacturers can also choose to target their samples to specific regions or customer segments, such as Prime members or those with a specific interest in the product category.

Overall, the Amazon Product Sampling program is a useful tool for brands and manufacturers looking to promote their products on the Amazon marketplace and reach a larger audience. It can help generate product reviews and ratings, increase sales, and improve the visibility and credibility of the products on the site.

The Product Sampling programme offers relevant Buyers a chance to try your products at ₹1 and receive feedback. It will help you to determine whether your product meets market needs and solve go-to-market challenges.

The programme offers following benefits:

  • Buyer targeting: help with better Buyer targeting by identifying a relevant group of Buyers who add value to the brand.
  • New product testing: assist brands to analyse and understand Buyer behaviour for effective product launches.
  • Driving Consideration: assist brands in finding new, lucrative markets with a prospective Consumer base to grow their own businesses.
  • Create opportunities for repeat buys: target repeat sampling and marketing based on user activity in the past to encourage cross-selling and repeat buys.
  • Brand awareness: brand exposure on Amazon India’s numerous web properties, such as the home page, the sampling store, and the category pages.
  • Premium Portfolio: adoption of super-premium products is promoted by sampling to foster trust, address user barriers, and encourage buy.

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