Shopsy Seller Registration: Start Your Business with Zero Commission

Flipkart was launch is new marketplace called “Shopsy” with compete with Messho. Meesho was introduce zero commission marketplace model in India and with this one single features Flipkart and Amazon has received huge competition so they want to compete with meesho.

So Flipkart started shopsy and Amazon was also acquire Glowroad to compite with meesho with zero percentage commission.

Shopsy was made by Flipkart owned Walmart, it’s almost similar marketplace of Flipkart but with they launch separate app for shopsy customer.

For Shopsy seller, Flipkart seller panel was same for Flipkart and Shopsy seller, all the back-end process was similar like account opening, product listing, order processing.

Why Sell on Shopsy

Zero Commission Policy

Shopsy shop started on 2021 by flipkart with zero percentage commission fees in India to compete with Messho and Glowroad. If you are already on flipkart then you can easily transfer your existing listing with just one click and start selling on shopsy and take advantage of 0% commission fees.

New Customer Base

Shopsy is Flipkart own reselling platform. Shopsy target custoemer from tier-3 and tier-4 customer who want cheaper and more affordable online shopping experience. Most of this customer base are shopping first time.

Mobile Friendly Shopping Experience

Shopsy has mobile application on both andoid and ios device, so customer can enjoy smooth shopping experience. On time to time shopsy run great offer and promotion for attract new customer on thier platform.

Easy to Register and List Your Product

Shopsy follow same flipkart process in the seller registration and product listing process. So if you already flipkart seller and want to start selling on shopsy, you can do it with just one click…as simple as that.

Ekart Logistic and Timely Payment

Shopsy used flipkart own logistic company called “Ekart Logistic” to pickup order form seller and deliver to customer without any third party courier company, so you can not face any problem regarding missing parcel or undelivered order problem.

Shopsy Seller Requirements

To sell on flipkart you need 4 document which is given below

  1. GST Registration Certificate
  2. Email Id & Mobile Number
  3. PAN Card
  4. Bank Account and One canceled Cheque

Shopsy Seller Registration

Before you start registration on shopsy you need to keep ready all the necessary document and take scan copy to upload in the shopsy seller account opening process.

Shopsy Seller Registration
  • First you have to create new account with your GST Number, Email Id, Mobile No.
Open New Shopsy Account
  • After create new account, You have to verify mobile number and email id with OTP. After that you need to enter GST Number and verify your company detail and add your e-signature.
Mobile, Email, GST No. verification
  • Next. you have to choose your store name, which is display on your product page. Last you have to set your pickup address.

Shopsy Seller Login & Manage Account

  • To login on shopsy seller pannel you have to visit –
  • Enter register email id and password to login on shopsy seller pannel.
  • Now you have open shopsy seller panel and for list your product follow this path Listing > Add New Listing > Add Single Listing/Add Bulk Listing > Select Vertical For Your Product > Select Brand > Add Product Info
  • Fill all the required filled on the product listing page like product photo, product sale price, MRP, Stock, product description and keyword. The product detail was different from category to category.

Shopsy Vs Meesho

Shopsy was direct competition to the meesho with zero commission fees, but meesho and shopsy has some different like….

  • Shopsy used flipkart logistic service Ekart Logistic and they have total contarl over order pickup to customer delivery, On other hand meesho used third party courier service like Delhivery, Shadofax, Ecom Express etc.
  • Flipkart has mature seller panel and they have use flipkart existing seller panel as shopsy seller panel, so it’s familer to existing flipkart seller to understand, but meesho seller panel was quite bugi in their of overall performance, some time they not open or order was stuck in processing.
  • In term of order delivery shopsy was fast in compare to meesho.
  • Product was more authentic and genuine in shopsy, but in meesho seller or courier person make fraud to cheat customer by sending wrong or defective product.
  • Pickup service was seller friendly in shopsy but meesho courier partner mis behave with seller if you have just started.

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